Hip Hop music has an amazing history that deserves recognition as an art form. Learn about the roots of rap to from past to present. Afro American people have always used verbal or the oral tradition to convey history. As Afro Americans used these traditions they started to use more and more entertaining words and making the story more animated. Did you know that this is the first time that Hip Hop came to be? Back in the days of slavery when slaves were on the plantation singing spirtual songs they were using a form of rap music. How, you may ask? These slaves had no instruments: they used beats from any object that they got their hands on. Whatever was on the slaves' minds they sung about. Sometimes they would sing about being free like the bird. They would also sing about going back home. While they were on the porch or in the back yard other slaves would join in and add their two cents. Much like the hip hop-rap music of today. After some raps other person starts to take over.

Hip Hop music is also in the black church. How so, you may ask? The call and response of the preacher. The preacher calls out and says 'church can I get an Amen,' and the church response with the amen. Like today when a rap artist yells out 'give me a ho ho,' and the audience shouts back with a 'ho ho.' But you may be saying that what does this has to do with the hip hop music that I know of today? Well, there is a DJ from Kingston, Jamaica who moved to New York City and started reciting rhymes over the instrumental versions of records. So being that most instrument versions were very short this early DJ started using a mixer to make the versions longer. The mixer would allow for the instrumental part to be played over and over again. At some parties in the early 70's many people thought that an actual song did last for 15 minutes. But all the while it was the DJ mixing it to make it last that long.

The reason why this type of music is so popular today is because it offer urban youth a chance to freely express how they feel. There are very limited rules in hip hop: just be orginal. You can rap about anything: the moon, how you feel, how your girl feels, anything. Most rhymes are prewritten, but it is a sin to recite the rhymes off of paper. This is where the orginal concept comes in. Many times what was written on paper is forgetten at concerts and the rapper just starts rapping off the top of his or her head. Hip hop takes on on many forms, cutting and scratching a record, break dancing, graffiti art, double dutch dancing.

During the late 90's hip hop took on a new level. Hip Hop went mainstream in term of fashions. Many hip hop artists now own clothing lines and the clothes have been shown on many international fashion shows, thus bringing hip hop into a new level. During this same period many magazines on the Hip Hop life have been added. There are magazines that tell of the different clothes that are out and there are many articles written in these magazines about upcoming concerts. So from this little history of hip hop we have seen that hip hop is a form of music that has been around a while.

Hip hop is a lifestyle that many people like because it is very orginal and is an outlet for free expression. Hip hop is now urban, and can be found in almost every city, town and village in the United States. Hip hop, due to the Internet, is also going global. So what started out as kids having fun is now an international statement.

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